The Lunar 4 Facility

Adjacent to Leirdola hydropower station with interconnections to 3 more and powered exclusively via hydro-power, our Norwegian Lunar4 facility offers our clients N+1 European colocation options with sustainability at its heart. The site has a low PUE of 1.1 as it is situated next to Jostedal glacier providing 2.5c average temperature.

Location: Lunar4, Gaupner, Luster Municipality, Norway

Gross size of data centre (m3): 650

Net customer space (m3): 400

Building type: Purpose Built Data Centre Building

100% Renewable Energy Powered
Highly Resilient
Highly Efficient Glacier Cooled Site delivering PUE of 1.1
European Colocation Option
Edge Data Centre

Lunar 4 Technical Specifications

Building tenure: Freehold

Number of data floors: 1

Number of IT zones: 4

Maximum floor load capacity (kg/m2): 1000

Maximum raised access floor height (mm): 500

Raised floor to ceiling height (meters): 3

Number of passenger lifts: N/A

Number of goods lifts: N/A

Good list maximum load (tonnes): N/A

Separate delivery bays: 1

Target PUE: 1.1

Type of security system: Proximity access card & PIN

Staffed 24/7/365: Yes

High sensitivity smoke detection system: Yes

Type of sire suppression system: Automatic/Manual (Novec System)

Type of cooling system: DX CRAC units

Maximum cooling capacity (MW): 1.7

Cooling redundancy: N+1

CCUs or in-row cooling: CCU

Number of independent supplies into building: 2

From how many substations: 2

Total incoming feed capacity (MVA): 15

Diverse power route: 2

Generator fuel at full load (hours): 48

UPS type: Static

UPS autonomy (minutes): 15

UPS capacity (kW): 6000 (can scale to meet site demand)

UPS redundancy: 2N+1

Generator redundancy: N+1

Generator capacity (MVA): 10

Electricity 100% Renewable from Hydro Electric Power sources

Number of diverse entry points into building: 2

Number of meet me rooms: 2

Conference Rooms



Client WiFi

Information Security Management

Quality Management


A Natural Choice

Lunar 4 is situated in an ideal location in Norway, adjacent to Leirdola Hydropower station with interconnections to 3 more stations. Backed by 100% renewable energy powered exclusively by hydroelectric.

Minimise cooling.

Situated next to Jostedal glacier providing 2.5c average temperature.


Leading Infrastructure

Capacity for large growth.

60,000m2 of regulated land and 165MW undiluted from the grid.

Colocation, single racks, private caged 7 suites, storage room and available office space.

Component cooling. Air, liquid or immersion cooling. Heat reuse available.


Highly Secure

24/7/365 security – Alarm, access control, CCTV, motion detection, lockable cabinets and fully redundant.

All vital rooms are secured with gas based Nuvic-fire extinguishing system. 

Dedicated Team

Our team can assist with the deployment and manage of your migration.

Commission rapidly – we can deploy colocation environments in a few days to a few weeks depending on the scale

Leading 24/7/365 customer support with 100% SLA.

Provide a dedicated account manager at all times.


If you would like to find more about Lunar 4 please contact us below