Industry leading hosting environments specifically designed for High Performance Compute requirements.

Engineered for…

GPU-Accelerated AI

Artifical Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

The ultimate hosting environment for HPC

Lunar Digital facilities provide

Capability of upto 37kW Racks with N+N UPS Configuration

100% Power & Cooling SLA provided as standard 

Significant scalability options additional power and racks

Low PUE guaranteed with 100% renewable energy

High-speed, low-latency data connections, direct from our resilient core network.

HPC Colocation

Lunar Digital provide highly scalable, state-of-the-art architecture that is capable of supporting demanding customer infrastructure requirements. With our vast experience in designing and delivering bespoke HPC environments – Lunar Digital is the optimum choice for HPC colocation solutions.

HPC colocation, also known as High-Performance Computing colocation, refers to housing of high-performance computing equipment, such as servers, clusters, and other specialized hardware, in a data center facility provided by an experienced operator like Lunar Digital. Colocation can be essential for meeting high-performance compute (HPC) hosting requirements HPC Colocation allows organizations and individuals to leverage the benefits of a professionally managed data center environment while still retaining control over their computing infrastructure.

What’s Included?

Unrivalled Connectivity and Network Performance: Our data centres are connected with high-capacity diverse fibre offering low-latency connections to key locations and public cloud services like Azure, AWS & Google Cloud. This is crucial for HPC applications that require fast data transfers and low communication delays between servers.
Power and Cooling Infrastructure: Lunar Digital’s data centres are fitted with robust, highly scalable power and cooling infrastructure. High-performance computing systems generate a significant amount of heat and require ample power and cooling, with our data centres you have complete peace of mind that your critical infrastructure will be protected at all times.
Security: Lunar Digital’s facilities provide enhanced security measures, including physical security, access controls, and surveillance, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.
High Scalability: HPC requirements can grow significantly over time, Lunar Digital’s data centres provide complete flexibility to scale up your infrastructure requirements as needed. Lunar Digital’s facilities have significant space and power availability in Manchester and Norway, meaning our customers have complete flexibility to increase colocation resources to match ever-changing demands.
Reliability and Uptime: Lunar Digital’s data centres boast high levels of uptime due to the highly redundant infrastructure configuration for power and cooling, ensuring that high-performance compute resources remain accessible and operational for extended periods.
Lunar Digital is proud to be a key player in the growth of HPC requirements in Manchester, supporting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning activities that are revolutionising the way businesses operate.

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