Data Centre Solutions

Colocate your critical infrastructure in our leading Data Centre facilities

Lunar Digital are Data Centre experts.

An independent provider of highly secure, resilient and carrier neutral colocation space.

Our Experience

As a leading provider of colocation solutions with over 50+ years of collective experience within the leadership team, Lunar Digital can support your evolving data centre strategy.  Whether you are a solutions provider who requires colocation space to deliver managed services to your clients, you have an existing colocation environment you’d like to migrate, or you need to retain critical infrastructure outside of the cloud, we will deliver a solution tailored to you.

With data centre capabilities nationally across the UK and strategic locations situated overseas, we are strongly placed to support geographically sensitive requirements that ensure redundancy and resilience from the outset.

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Data Centre Solutions


Colocation is houseing your critical IT equipment in a highly secure, highly accredited and resilient Lunar Digital data centre – a purpose-built facility specifically designed to protect your critical infrastructure at all times.

With a global footprint of high capacity Data Centre facilities, Lunar Digital can provide colocation at professionally run, highly reliable and energy efficient sites…

HPC Colocation

Lunar Digital provide highly scalable, state-of-the-art architecture that is capable of supporting demanding customer infrastructure requirements. With our vast experience in designing and delivering bespoke HPC environments – Lunar Digital is the optimum choice for HPC colocation solutions.

HPC colocation, also known as High-Performance Computing colocation, refers to housing of high-performance computing equipment, such as servers, clusters, and other specialized hardware, in a data center facility provided by an experienced operator like Lunar Digital. 


Do you need assisting in selecting a data centre within the Lunar portfolio that meets all your requirements for power density, resilience, security, connectivity and client amenities?

As a trusted partner, we support our clients to navigate the challenging aspects of project planning and delivery of their hosted IT infrastructure into a data centre…we are there for you when you need us most.

Structured Cabling

Lunar Digital can assist with all kinds of dedicated structured cabling between your racks in our facilities.

Whether you need us to organise the whole requirement or just procure the necessary materials for your team to install.

Simply tell us about your requirement and we’ll do the rest.

If you would like to find more about our data centre services please contact us below