Our Data Centres

Lunar Digital operate highly resilient and connected data centre facilities that offer peace of mind to clients hosting their critical infrastructure

Our Manchester Facilities

Manchester is one of Europe’s fastest growing centres for media and technology. Our Lunar1 and Lunar2 data centres are highly resilient facilities, located in Manchester Technology Park, one of the most connected locations in the city for leading internet carriers.

Our Lunar3 data centre is on our East Manchester campus and offers additional capacity for clients who may require multiple facilities in the city.

We offer an unrivalled experience for clients that co-locate with us, including industry leading security, power redundancy and intelligent hands.

Our Experience

The directorship team behind Lunar Digital have been operating data centres for over two decades. The experience gained during this time has allowed us to deliver resilient, redundant and trusted colocation solutions to clients who entrust their critical IT hardware with ourselves.

All Lunar facilities are managed and maintained in-house with our own engineers, support staff and mechanical and engineering experts.

This allows us to have full control over all aspects of the facility, delivering a client experience that provides total peace of mind.

All Lunar Digital facilities are carrier neutral, which means you can directly connect to your incumbent carriers to access high capacity solutions. This also makes our facilities very attractive to utilise for colocation.

Experience true data centre tranquility at our facilities, knowing that your infrastructure is supported by industry experts who have always delivered trusted solutions.

Our Norwegian Facility

We appreciate that clients have requirements which may require them to colocate their IT hardware outside of the UK. Our Lunar4 data centre in Gaupne, Norway is powered using 100% renewable electricity from a local hydro-electric power plant based nearby. 

Coupled with this, the Data Centre is positioned at the foot of a large glacier. This unique positioning means that the data centre benefits from glacier cooled and stable air which benefits the air-to-air cooling system and contributes to a PUE as low as 1.1

The facility is also highly secure and manned 24×7 by roving security.

Highly Secure
Tier 2 & Tier3 Facility options
Highly Accredited
Carrier Neutral
Connected via N+2 fibre Core

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