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We specialise in building and managing high performance networks

Connectivity remains one of the most important aspects of our clients’ IT strategies. We help you connect to the data centres, clouds and critical locations that are important to your business.

What is Lunar Connect?

The Lunar Connect platform is designed to allow you to globally scale, connecting you directly to critical data centre locations, the cloud and the internet over our high capacity, low-latency network fabric.

Utilising our national diverse fibre network connecting all Lunar Digital facilities and key data centre locations across the UK, you can leverage boundless connectivity empowering your business to do more.

IP Transit

Resilient and high capacity global internet access

Enjoy enterprise grade internet connectivity with super low-latency over the Lunar Connect core network.

We provide scalable and reliable IP transit through our full mesh BGP network that utilises a blend of global Tier1 bandwidth providers and connectivity to leading peering exchanges. Lunar Connect’s IP transit is diverse, resilient and provides the quickest and most direct route to your destination with low latency, low packet loss and high uptime guaranteed.


Redundancy: Redundancy engineered with at multiple upstream Tier 1 providers deliver reliable low-latency connectivity at all times.

Guaranteed Uptime: Diverse port deployment delivers 99.99% uptime

Fast Deployment: With ability to deploy quickly to on-net locations, you can access connectivity quickly to suit rapid deployment requirements

Highly Scalable: Increase your requirements easily and hassle-free if demand dictates. With 95th percentile billing, you can also burst to cope with busier periods.

Unrivalled Performance: With a blend of leading Tier 1 upstream providers, enjoy performance that exceeds expectations

Leading Support: Contact our NOC 24x7x365 by raising a ticket on our portal with fast-acting response times


Dedicated and direct carrier grade connectivity

Lunar Connect’s Metro-Connect services provide dedicated, direct & carrier-grade connectivity links between customers in between two data centres in the same Metro region. Using our Metro Connect you’ll enjoy high capacity, competitively priced inter-connectivity to critical data centre locations. Our Metro-Connect services are low-latency, highly dependable and quick to deploy as the underlying infrastructure is already in place. You can choose whether you’d prefer an EoMPLS Layer2 service or an optical DWDM.

High Capacity: Access speeds of up to 100Gbps

Flexibility at the Core: Easily increase the capacity of your Metro-Connect when demand increases

Competitively Priced: Metro-Connect services are an affordable option for connecting two data centres together that is typically cheaper than local loops

Reliable Performance: Local connectivity traverses shorter distances over diverse fibre so proximity reduces latency, jitter & failures. This also ensures swift provisioning time as the infrastructure is already in place.

Managed WAN

Running, looking after and maintaining your own network can be tough. In addition to that, we understand that you just want it to work so you can focus on other exciting plans within your business. Let the highly experienced Lunar Digital network engineers manage your business core network for you. This allows you to free up key resource, increases cost predictably and provides 24 x 7 x 365 industry leading support support. 

We can design, implement and manage a flexible and scalable WAN solution for you that considers all your offices, application locations and bandwidth requirements from the outset incorporating a plethora of connectivity options.

In addition to this, due to Lunar Digital's extensive core network that incorporates many strategic point of presence locations in the UK, we can provide DWDM or point to point connectivity between a host of highly connected data centres.

Whatever you are trying to achieve with your network, talk to our experts today.

Cloud Connect

Nowdays, businesses have turned to the cloud to offer the high performance, flexibility and scalability that they require to excel. This means that remote infrastructure and applications has grown majorly over the last few years. Therefore application performance in major public cloud platforms, such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud is highly important to businesses. 

Introducing, Lunar Digital's Cloud Connect solution, a flexible, scalable and cost effective method of achieving dedicated connectivity into major public cloud platforms, delivering an unrivalled experience when accessing applications and business processes that are hosted in hyperscaler platforms.

Access critical services with minimal latency as if they were hosted locally.

Chat to one of the Lunar Digital connectivity experts about our Cloud Connect solution today.


A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN design that allows businesses to utilise any and all combination of transport services – including MPLS, mobile connectivity, broadband internet services and dedicated leased lines to securely connect users to their business applications. This means that no longer does all your branch traffic need to be backhauled over an ISP’s core network. Previously, this was a requirement to in order to optimally inspect all traffic to ensure security, but doing so adds latency and consumes additional bandwidth.

The Lunar SD-WAN solution assures consistent performance of critical business applications and adds additional resiliency. It will also automate traffic routing in an application-driven manner based on what your business actually needs and when, whilst improving network security and ultimately simplifying previously complicated WAN architecture.

With a single pane of glass, your business can utilise a centralised control function to direct traffic securely and intelligently across the your network and to your key SaaS and IaaS providers. This increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience, which increases your business productivity, agility and reduces IT costs. 

Lunar SD-WAN Solution Benefits

Single Pane of Glass for Unrivalled Network Visibility

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Application Aware Routing

Easily connect multiple offices

Data Analytics within your Network

Optimised Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity FAQ

Is SD-WAN or MPLS better?

SD-WAN can provide similar performance and reliability to an MPLS circuit. This is achieved by aggregating various transport media and optimising traffic routing rather than relying on predefined point to point circuits. SD-WAN tends to provide better network visibility however dedicated MPLS links still have their place. It is up to you as a business and what you’re trying to achieve. Have a chat with our team if you need help deciding.

What download speed do I need?

This depends majorly on lots of varying factors including how many staff you have at your office, where your applications are based and what type of business you are – for example video content can be large and a fast network connection is required to ensure that you can readily access content. With our ethernet based connectivity solutions, bandwidth is dedicated to your business only and the ordered download speeds are always available 24 x 7.

It is important to remember that the difference between megabits per second and megabytes per second is why you’ll see different numbers between your internet speed and actual download speeds. For example, imagine an internet connection is dedicated 100Mbps. The fastest file download speed is usually about 12MBps. This is due to the fact that 100Mbps divided (by 8 bits in a byte) is 12.5 MBps.

Why use Lunar Digital connectivity?

Between our team, we have been delivering all types of managed networking solutions for years and have a deep well of experience to draw on to ensure your network is designed to deliver the very best performance. We’ll take a consultative approach and work closely with you to understand what you need your network to do, what aspects are the most important and what your outcome needs to look like. Using this approach we’ll always provide a tailoured approach to your solution from the very start.

Can I connect to peering exchanges at Lunar Digital data centres?

LINX and Lunar Digital have joined forces to make it easier for networks to peer at one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world. Lunar Digital can offer the complete peering connection to LINX in both London and Manchester.

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in the world. By connecting at LINX, networks have the possibility to connect to over 85% of the Global Routing Table, giving access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

It is now possible to peer on the LINX Juniper, Extreme and LINX Manchester LAN from all Lunar Digital data centres.

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