At Lunar Digital we recognise that as businesses continue to develop their digital strategies, reliable and secure connectivity solutions become an essential part of their success.

Therefore, we want to take a deep dive into five essential connectivity solutions provided by us that can ensure your workforce, applications and processes are accessible at all times over a network that delivers the performance you need:

  1. Secure Networks 🔒

Utilise our Secure Networks solution to connect your staff and offices securely, no matter their location. Powered by SD-WAN, cloud firewalls and Zero Trust, our market leading solution shields your business from evolving cyber threats, ensuring a scalable and highly secure corporate network.

Embrace remote work and access cloud–hosted applications with confidence!

  1. SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) 🌐

Our SD-WAN solution optimises traffic routing and application performance, utilising a virtual WAN design that combines various transport services. Experience consistent performance, improved security and simplified WAN architecture with automated traffic routing.

Benefit from a centralised control function for efficient traffic management.

  1. Managed WAN (Wide Area Network) 🔄

Let our experienced network engineers manage your business core network, freeing up resources and providing 24/7 industry-leading support. We design, implement, and manage flexible and scalable WAN solutions tailored to your needs, incorporating a range of connectivity options, including DWDM and point-to-point connections.

  1. Cloud Connectivity ☁️

Embrace the clouds performance, flexibility and scalability with our Cloud Connect solution. Achieve dedicated connectivity into major public cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud for optimal application access and business processes.

Benefit from minimal latency, improving your critical service experience.

  1. Network Consultancy 🤝

Our networking experts with CCIE accreditations are here to enhance your networks performance and guide you in adopting new technologies. If you are facing complexities or lack specific skills in-house, our nifty ideas and full design and implementation plans can provide valuable solutions.

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