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Why choose Lunar Digital as your penetration testing partner?

Comprehensive Penetration Testing from Industry Experts

Comprehensive, industry recognised, testing methodology

  • We follow industry-defined testing standards as outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre

Competitive pricing and tailored solutions

  • We offer highly affordable penetration testing services to ensure companies of all sizes can protect themselves from Cyber Security threats.

Comprehensive easy to digest reporting

  • Our comprehensive reports detail all our findings in an easy-to-digest format, complete with remediation advice and guidance. As well as a full debrief call to run through the findings.


Penetration Testing

What are the different approaches to Penetration tests?
White box

  • White box penetration testing – also known as internal penetration testing, clear box, or even glass box penetration testing – assumes the test uses extensive information provided to the tester by the target organisation.

Black Box

  • Black box penetration testing often referred to as “External” testing assumes no prior information about an organisation and approaches the test from the point of view of a real-world hacker. In this scenario, we will gather all attack vectors from freely available information.

Grey Box

  • Grey Box assumes some, but not all information is provided to the tester. As partial knowledge is provided it enables the tester to focus the approach on specific exploits and vulnerabilities, saving time.


What are the different types of Penetration tests?

Network infrastructure is intrinsic to the foundation of any organisation. Networks are becoming increasingly complex and crucial to successful operations, however, increased complexity also affords opportunities for bad actors to gain a foothold into an organisation.

  • Extensive testing for your network & infrastructure for weaknesses
  • Service checks, software patch levels, and configurations management
  • Multiple test profiles, including external and internal testing
  • State-of-the-art vulnerability scanning

Websites are a crucial factor in creating the right impression on an organisation’s customer base. With increased functionality websites are frequently linked to back-end applications and databases holding sensitive and valuable data making them a target for malicious attack and exploitation, and therefore need to be part of any organisation’s cyber security strategy.

  • Scan for vulnerabilities and insecure functionality
  • Identify security risks
  • Multifaceted testing approach covering all aspects of web functionality

As networks expand out into WiFi and mobile-enabled devices, the risk of data and security compromise increases dramatically. Mobile and WiFi-enabled application penetration ensure potential risks are identified and addressed.

  • Identity vulnerable mobile app
  • Test known application exploits and weaknesses
  • Deploy security policies to protect mobile data

Exploiting staff security weaknesses is perhaps one of the easiest paths into an organisation’s infrastructure. Social engineering attacks that leverage human psychology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Regular testing and staff education are crucial to addressing these risks.

  • Test the effectiveness of your social engineering controls
  • Maximise employees’ security vigilance
  • Regular tests and training

A red team is formed with the objective of subjecting an organisation’s security plans, programmes, ideas and assumptions to rigorous analysis and challenge. Government agencies such as Defence Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency, have long used them to reduce risks and to improve their problem-solving.

Over the last couple of years, Red Teaming has become more widely used. It is now recognised as a major aid to decision-making in the planning and policy functions of defence.

  • Comprehensive risks and exploit weakness testing of your physical and cyber defences
  • Carefully pre-planned engagement rules and scope definition
  • Proven approach to rigorous testing

Many organisations are now leveraging the ease of the cloud to host business crucial applications and data, and in the process trusting a third-party vendor’s ability to maintain strict security policies. Outsourcing the security and integrity of critical systems and data makes the need for testing even more appropriate.

  • Test for weaknesses in your cloud provider’s infrastructure
  • Cloud security assessment

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