Would you like to be able to capture live TV, Radio, Satellite and Cable and stream them directly over an IP network at any resolution without the headache of building your own satellite farm, data centre, IP network and deploying hundreds of devices? Then the Lunar Digital Hybrid Media Cloud Platform is for you! With multiple satellites capturing thousands of channels throughout the UK, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Lunar Digital is your partner of choice when it comes to live capture TV.

Lunar Hybrid Media Cloud

Lunar Digital’s Hybrid Media Cloud Platform is the digital platform of choice for media and streaming customers. The platform enables customers to capture live TV, Radio and Satellite or Cable channels and stream them directly over an IP network at any resolution. Using our multicast network ensures that streams are only delivered to applications that require them providing scalability. Streams can be delivered to clients equipment colocated within our data centres, Virtual Machines provided by Lunar Digital or streamed over our Cloud Connect service directly to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Advantages for Media Companies



    • Access to multiple satellites and thousands of channels throughout the UK and EMEA from Lunar Digital’s UK data centres
    • Access to Lunar Digital’s low latency high capacity multicast enabled network


    • No need to deploy hardware to receive and stream channels Access to LD Cloud Connect providing direct access to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform 



    • Access to Lunar Digital’s Virtual Machines on the multicast network to ingest channels and perform analysis