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Understand how to power and protect your business through efficient data management, promptly restoring your data in the event of an incident

Data Management Services

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Your data is the fuel that drives your business

When to evaluate your backup policies

Data is absolutely critical to you and if lost, it will cost your business considerable financial and reputational loss.

The accuracy and reliability of your existing data storage is not properly understood


We can move your data to our fully owned and accredited Tier3 UK data centres.

You don’t want to share your data storage or cloud back-up solutions with anyone else. At Lunar Digital, we can provide dedicated environments for clients who require so.

Your business is latency sensitive or your users need constant access. We have 4 European data centres you can choose from.

You have lots of your data hosted in your offices, in a colocation environment and utilise public or private cloud solutions and you require a single service to look after it all.

Importance of managing your data

Your data is the fuel that drives your business forward. Whether this is internal data or customer data, ensuring you have the right tools in place is critical to ensuring the business engine moves forward.

The voume of data within your business is growing with more processes becoming dependent on capturing vital information.

Managing this digital data in an organisation involves a broad range of tasks, policies, procedures, and practices which creates a Data Management Policy.

Maintaining a strong data management policy ensures you can:

  • Manage data across multiple data tiers
  • Store data across multiple clouds, in a data centre or on premises
  • Ensure high availability and disaster recovery
  • Use data in a growing variety of apps
  • Ensure data privacy and security
  • Archive and destroy data in accordance with retention schedules and compliance policies
  • Secures the activity of users, the efficiency of technologies, the demands of regulators, and the ability to obtain value from data


As a Service

All our clients understand the neccessity to properly protect and secure their critical data to ensure if the worst happens, they can easily recover.

Lunar BaaS is a fully managed Backup as a Service solution which ensures your organisation can quickly retrieve your business critical data in the event of an unexpected loss.

Seen by many as an essential insurance policy, our BaaS solutions can ensure peace of mind and will allow you to concentrate on what’s most important.


  • Fully managed approach
  • Highly scalable to support increasing data workloads
  • UK Based support
  • Agile, highly customisable & based in the cloud
  • Optimised for remote working and clients wanting to enable digital transformation
  • Industry leading RPO & RTO
  • Cost effective pricing model

Disaster Recovery

As a Service

Imagine your business experiences a severe incident; a loss of critical server infrastructure, an unexpected cyber attack or you simply lose power to your equipment. Pretty serious right? How would you begin to recover and get things back to how they were before, without impacting your business functioning.

A disaster recovery plan is an important aspect to consider and is designed to ensure your business applications continue to function when something unexpected blindsides you. An effective disaster plan that includes pre-planned crisis management will dictate to how quickly you can recover key data and keep your business functioning.   

Speak to a Lunar expert today about how to design, plan and invoke a bespoke DR plan.


  • Fully cloud based
  • Cost effective pricing 
  • Industry leading RPO/ RTOs
  • Flexibility and Security by design

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