A suite of professional services to help you transform your business, adopt new technology and meet critical business outcomes

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A technically led consultancy approach to transforming your IT infrastructure

We will assist by scoping, desiging and implementing a plan that keeps your desired business outcomes as the core focus

Advisory, Strategy & Planning

Are you in a position where you have outgrown your current IT infrastructure or network? Perhaps you are running legacy hardware or applications that are no longer performing in a digital era where demand is increasing, users are more spread out and cloud is more readily available that ever before. This approach is  modelled for the modernisation of IT strategies and therefore we specifically focus on the experiences of your users.

We will work closely to design a strategy for all your platforms and applications to improve on scalability whilst keeping cost and security in mind at all times.

We kick off by conducting important planning work so we can get to a point that we fully understand your current IT landscape. To achieve this, we utilise a blend of our expertise and self-assessment mechanisms. We’ll come back to you with a new approach and recommendations that appease your key current challenges along with associated costs. As part of our approach, we will submit a strategy document alongside project maps and associated timelines. We’ll then schedule some time to present our findings to your business.

Digital Transformation

Once we have assessed your infrastructure, applications or network and provided an effective strategy that has been reviewd by you and your team, the next action is to begin implementing the recommendations across your business.

We will explain on a simplistic level the steps that need to be taken in order to transform your IT environment based on our findings. We can then help you reposition your IT budget in order to invest in modern technologies such as private or public cloud – or if we’re looking at your network or your cyber security posture, identify vulnerabilities that can be resolved via accessing newer solutions or infrastructure. This allows your business to truly benefit from digital transformation.

Your business will then be able to begin enjoying vastly improved user and client experiences, driving high effiency and improving your reputation. In addition to this your business can realise the ROI adopting newer technologies whilst retiring cumbersome, legacy approaches.


Our approach to optimisation focusses on delivering efficiency and value for money across our clients’ entire IT infrastructure, as they begin to leverage multiple technologies and environments to drive their business forward.

With public cloud becoming so key to many businesses’ IT strategies, costs can quickly spiral out of control and it is important to consider adopting new engagement models to maintain financial control. Our cloud optimisation professional services begin by examining your cloud utilisation and platform design to understand which aspects could be improved or optimised. We then review the platform to understand and ensure whether you’re delivering a service that is efficient, at a lowest available cost model. Upon completing this, we will deliver on-going monitoring via monthly or quarterly reporting and utilise the findings to deliver continuous improvement and optimsations to your cloud platform. 

Common considerations for our optimisation consultancy would be;

Azure provides great performance for our application but our costs have continued to increase month on month, can you ensure that the solution is configured and set up in the best ways to minimise our costs?

– We have a lack of internal understanding and ownership of our public cloud footprint, costs are continuing to increase and we are concerned in spinning down resource as we don’t know what the impact will be

– The majority of our Azure virtual machines have an very low utilisation compared to the spec, can we recognise any improvement on cost without affecting our client experience? 

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