Cloud Solutions

Discover the best suited cloud for your critical applications – whether that be public, private or hybrid, Lunar will ensure fluidity and scalability to power your business.

Cloud Solutions

The right application, on the right cloud services, for the right reason.


What does that mean?

Managing your cloud environments can be challenging because there are so many different options and considerations. We will take a consultative approach, working with you to ensure that the right application is on the right cloud, taking into account all the variables.

This allows you to utilise one, or multiple different clouds in a hybrid approach to allow your business to scale, secure and flex.

What’s the difference?

Do you currently host your critical applications on-premise? You would call this your place. If you want more security and scalability you could put this in our private cloud services – this is our place. If you want to leverage a shared approach like Azure or AWS – that’s their place.

Whatever agility and scalability your business needs, we can find the most suitable location for your critical data and applications.

Our Partners

Public Cloud

We guide businesses of all shapes and sizes through solving complicated business challenges by linking up with leading Microsoft partners. Whether you are beginning your transformational journey into Azure or require expert assistance in migrating workloads, Lunar can help you achieve your goals.

Microsoft look after the data centre, the physical servers and everything in-between, whilst we assist to architect and plan an Azure solution that works for you. With Azure, you will never run out of capacity and can scale as much as you require, ensuring a highly flexible cloud platform that delivers global reach to your business.


  • Total scalability
  • Highly accessible
  • Pay as you go (and only what you need)
  • Let us do the legwork

Private Cloud

When it comes to some business processes or applications, a shared platform isn’t always the right fit.

With Lunar Private Cloud, the resource and compute is fully dedicated to you as an individual entity, designed to offer unrivalled performance and user experience.

When would I use Private Cloud?

  • You have resource hungry processes, applications or data that is accessed regularly
  • You have specific governance or regulatory requirements to adhere to
  • You need High Availability (HA) delivering redundancy over multiple sites or require Disaster Recovery
  • You require low latency
  • You are a larger organisation that requires advanced data centre and infrastructure technologies to operate with more efficiently and cost effectiveness


We created Lunar Cloud to deliver the flexibility of public cloud on a manageable cost model. Lunar Cloud is a highly scalable multi-tenanted cloud solution that is engineered with industry leading security designed to be a simplistic and efficient option for companies wanting to access the benefits of the cloud.

Lunar Cloud allows you to leverage the flexibility and pay-as-you-go features of public cloud in our environment, keeping you secure and isolated from other businesses on the platform.

No matter the size of your business, Lunar Cloud is designed to provide control, visibility and predictability over the cloud compute that you require and the associated costs. Lunar Cloud is built on industry leading technology leveraging VMWare VCloud Director delivering an accessible and flexible cloud platform that can be used by all.

When would I use Lunar Cloud?

  • You want to easily enable remote working for your users
  • You want to build applications quickly for your customers
  • You want to be able to access your data from anywhere, fast

Many of our clients find that Lunar Cloud offers superior performance to public cloud operators at a significantly lower cost, without the cost to access data on the cloud, known as egress charges.


Why Lunar Cloud?

Highly Scalable and Flexible

Multi-tenanted Approach Reduces Cost

No Egress Charges

Secure By Design

UK Data Centres

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Downtime

Hybrid Cloud

Today, many businesses IT strategies revolve around looking at a hybrid approach to cloud computing. Hybrid Cloud approaches utilise and leverage multiple environments or flavours of cloud including private, public, on-premise or colocation.

Hybrid cloud solutions include applications, and associated modules such as networking, compute or storage deployed across different clouds to leverage the benefits of multiple platforms.

Then, management, orchestration, portability and compatibility between each platform creates an environment that provides a singular, flexible and optimal experience for running your businesses workloads.

When would I use Hybrid Cloud?

You want efficient governance over your applications
You require high performance and lower latency
You want to leverage flexibility by operating your application in the environment that works best for you
You have strict regulatory requirements

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