Cyber Security

Fully managed Cyber Security Solutions from Lunar Digital – actively shield your business from an ever-evolving threat landscape.  

Cyber Security Solutions

Managed Security

Penetration Testing

Governance & Compliance

Keeping you actively protected against an advancing threat landscape

Experience true cyber tranquility, knowing your critical data, applications and users are protected with industry leading approaches 

Managed Security

Every single business in today’s age see technology as a necessity, whether you’re a global business with users in every country or you are a small online store, downtime or loss of data caused by nefarious cyber attackers can leave you in a very challenging situation – with outcomes typically including permanent loss of critical data, widespread reputational damage or hefty fines from your regulators who expect you to keep your information safe.

Cyber attackers thrive when they think they are outsmarting you….so, the trick? Always keep one step ahead. Tackling the changing threat landscape on your own this can become a costly and resource intensive task – including recruiting, training and maintaining a team of security experts.

That’s where Lunar Digital come in…

Our UK based Security Operations Centre, known as a SOC, will free up important IT resource in your organisation, whilst supercharging your cyber security capabilities. With a top-notch team of master analysts monitoring your end-points, users and devices 24×7 for suspicious activity or villainous attempts to infiltrate your critical infrastructure, you can experience true cyber tranquility. If we detect anything that could be a threat, we immediately alert you and work closely with you to resolve.

What is a SOC?

A Security Operations Centre explained

Industry leading, reliable & secure

    A SOC is a dedicated ops centre full of security virtuosos whose job it is to monitor your critical IT infrastructure, end-points and staff to identify any nefarious attempts to access your business. They then alert and respond to any possible signs of attack or compromise. The SOC delivers the full suite of services involved in Managed Detection and Response.

    Our SOC helps your business keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape. Our team will work directly with your IT department to solidify your approach to security, normally called a posture, working to actively shield you from the growing risk of security issues your business comes up against.

    What to expect with our SOC?

    Security Monitoring

    Threat Hunting

    External Vulnerability Scanning

    End-point Detection & Response

    Cyber Security Incident Response

    Threat Intelligence

    Penetration Testing

    Why choose Lunar Digital as your penetration
    testing partner?

    Comprehensive, industry recognised, testing methodology

    • We follow industry-defined testing standards as outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre

    Competitive pricing and tailored solutions

    • We offer highly affordable penetration testing services to ensure companies of all sizes can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

    Comprehensive easy to digest reporting

    • Our comprehensive reports detail all our findings in an easy-to-digest format, complete with remediation advice and guidance. As well as a full debrief call to run through the findings.

    Compliance and Governance

    Why choose Lunar Digital as your cyber security governance partner

    • Lunar Digital are able to assist companies with their cyber security governance, no matter what it is they require. As a IASME certification body, we assist clients in obtaining their cyber essentials accreditations and IASME governance
    • We can also assist clients in their applications for ISO27001

    Cyber Audits can also be provided which include;

    • External pen tests
    • Phishing simulations
    • Dark web scanning
    • Governance

    If you would like to find out more about our Cyber Security solutions, please contact us below