Remote Maintenance & Specialist support

Full maintenance packages for WordPress and Squarespace websites.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is regular updates made to a website to ensure that the site operates properly and shows up to date information.

What are the benefits of website maintenance?

Website owners invest in website design and then neglect maintaining their website at regular intervals. A website that is maintained and updated regularly will prove beneficial in terms of securing good search engine rankings. Website maintenance is an essential part of growing your online presence as it allows you to have fresh content for your website visitors. Maintenance will ensure your visitors have a smooth user experience while navigating through your website.

Boost search engine ranking

An important factor of website maintenance is that it will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine algorithms love new content and will rank your website higher as a result of posting fresh content regularly.

Attract new visitors

When you add new content to your website you can share it with social media and other sources. This is an ideal way to boost your overall website visibility with a new audience. Reduce your bounce rate Outdated information will cause people to leave your website quickly. For example if a new visitor saw a Christmas promotion in July, they would likely have a negative attitude towards your business and would probably leave your site immediately. We have found that websites we maintain who display updated content regularly have a 22% lower bounce rate than those who don’t (Google analytics monthly comparison)

Smooth operation

Regular maintenance can include correcting broken links, missing images, spelling errors in text, and much more. Neglecting this aspect of website maintenance can leave a bad impression with your site visitors

User satisfaction and engagement

A website with the right elements will satisfy your existing customers. They will view and share your new content if they like it. If you don’t update your audience people assume you have nothing to say and they will stop coming back to your website. The content you upload needs to be informative, original, and engaging to satisfy your existing customers. 

Higher conversions

As we have explained, website maintenance can help improve your search rank, attract new visitors, reduce your bounce rate and improve user engagement. A website which engages user will be much more efficient in converting your users into customers and convert existing customers to repeat customers.

Remote support team, available 24/7.

We provide both Pay As You Go and Monthly Maintenance packages to suit businesses of all sizes. The time can be used for anything related to your website including website updates, graphic design, software updates, search engine optimisation, social networking and online marketing.

Our packages cover Squarespace changes and updating your WordPress software, plugins (vital to keep your website secure) and backing up your website files regularly.  We’ll also monitor your site for any downtime so we are automatically alerted to any problems. You’re in safe hands!

Your website keeps improving!

One flat fee keeps your WordPress or Squarespace site looking great, working effectively, and improving. Access our expertise, ongoing support and regular maintenance provides peace of mind.

Basic maintenance

£25 /month (Up to 30 mins)

Pro maintenance

£35 /month (Up to 1 hour)

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