Tips for marketing a new business

Marketing guide
12 September, 2018

Quick guide to marketing a small business

  • Define your target market & ideal customer
  • Wow your customers to get great feedback and word of mouth
  • Publish relevant, quality content consistently

Define your ideal customer

An early stage of any marketing campaign is to define the target audience. Once you know who your customers are you can make an informed decision on how to market your business. Whether you use social media and pay per click advertisement; or leaflets and billboard advertisement, or both.

Ways to market your business

It’s important to select marketing techniques which are going to reach your target audience effectively and efficiently. It’s likely that most of your customers are online, so the internet is a good place to start. If you own an upmarket hair salon targeting 20-40 year olds you could reach your target market inexpensively with Facebook and Instagram. On the flip side, a scaffolding company might reach their audience more effectively with referrals and word of mouth.

Either method could work for either business. The main factor is whether you can target your customers.

Every business is different

I’ve started a few small businesses which I’ve had to advertise in one way or another. The marketing that works and doesn’t work is very different for each business. For me it’s been a process of trial and error. You know what will generally work and what won’t and from thereon it’s a matter of testing different methods that you think will work until you get rid of the ones that don’t. Writing this blog post is a great way for me to expose Lunar digital.

Be individual

The benefit of trial and error is finding untapped marketing techniques in your industry. It’s great to be able to market your company in a way that no one else is doing. This way, you’re able to reach an audience that another technique might not. Also, following the textbook approach doesn’t always work. Just because your competitor is doing something doesn’t mean it will generate results for you.

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